🤔 Citizen of the Indieweb?

I was looking around Github today at a few WordPress themes and plugins and I noticed Matthias Pfefferle’s profile in which he describes himself as a:

Citizen of the @indieweb

This made me wonder, when are you an actual ‘citizen’, that is when do you belong to, in or are a part of the Indieweb? Is it when you develop your user page? Is it when you check IRC/Slack Community regularly just because? Or is it when you have a site that has the badge on it? Or is is simple, are you a citizen if you want to be?

This reminded me of Audrey Watters reflections on the Contrafabulist podcast (can’t remember the exact episode) when she wondered when you actually become a New Yorker?

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    1. Eddie, I really like how you differentiate between a member and a citizen. Ryan Barrett’s definitions are also useful. The one thing that really helpful was your closing statement:

      Someone who expresses a large commitment to the IndieWeb, I would expect that they post the majority of their text and photo based content on their website. That doesn’t mean they can’t also share that information on silo-based social media, or that they can’t occasionally put information that they see as ephemeral directly on Twitter or Facebook. They are welcome to do whatever they like, but if someone has a true commitment to IndieWeb principles which the citizenship language leads me to believe, I would assume the majority of their thoughts and photos are posted to their website either through POSSE or PESOS

      I wonder if this opens the door to platforms and providers like WP.com and Edublogs.

  1. Aaron Davis wonders “when are you an actual ‘citizen’, that is when do you belong to, in or are a part of the Indieweb?” To me, “belong to”, “in” and “part” signify slightly different depths of commitment, none of which conveys “citizenship”. The way I understand it, citizenship is granted by some other authority. You can’t just claim it for yourself.

    I like Kartik Prabhu’s idea that posting to a domain you own is all it takes. “Everything else is a bonus”. But that’s a little like Robinson Crusoe being a citizen of his island. Interaction with others matters too.

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