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My name is Aaron Davis and am a K-12 technology coach from Melbourne, Australia. I am interested in how together we can work to make a better web.

I use Read Write Respond as a place to record longer posts and reflections, Read Write Collect to collect together disparate parts of the web in the one place and Read Write Wikity to organically grow ideas.

Longer Reflections

I have written a number of posts and reflections:


  • Improve my workflow associated with the collection and co-claiming of my online presence. This includes posting via Android.

  • Coordinate the different conversations and connections associated with my site in the one place, whether it be webmentions, syndicated links, facepiles and theaded conversations.

  • Explore different possibilities and potentials, especially those associated with third and fourth generation users. This includes the automation of some of the processes, such as generating older creations, as well as the options for hosted sites, such as Edublogs and WordPress.com.

  • Better understand the technical side of the IndieWeb, such as H-Cards and WordPress plugin. This includes making better use of my child themes to make changes, such as a custom archive page.

  • Transfer data held in siloed spaces to my own space, including Facebook, Diigo and comments made with Disqus.

  • Improve the options I have to representing my posts, including monthly summaries and a following page.

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