๐Ÿ“‘ Doing Even Better Things

Bookmarked Doing even better things by Dr Deborah M. Netolicky (the รฉdu flรขneuse)

I have begun to pare back my obligations. I have turned my email and social media notifications off and buried Facebook in the back of my phone. Iโ€™ve withdrawn from my Book Club. Iโ€™m reconsidering how often to post on this blog and am thinking perhaps โ€˜when it takes my fancyโ€™ would be ok, rather than keeping myself to a schedule. I am figuring out how to protect my most productive time for my most important projects and how I might schedule in regular silence and stillness.

Deborah Netolicky reflects on her priorities as a part of her one word this year. She wonders about her choices. This has me reflecting on my own balances.

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