Reply to @debsnet One Word: Metamorphosis

Replied to METAMORPHOSIS and emerging from the chrysalis: #oneword2018 by Dr Deborah Netolicky (the Γ©du flΓ’neuse)

METAMORPHOSIS is also about letting go. It is about shedding old skins, old bodies, old habits, old values, old dreams. It is about considering what I want to take into my next decade, and what I’m willing to leave behind.

I love the way in which a single word can be used to tie a bunch of desperate parts together, even more so, your words over time really tell a story. I really struggled to think of a word this year. I related to some of the points that you made about change and really liked the idea of metamorphosis. I feel like it is something that we are always doing, but not necessarily aware of or willing to give the time to.

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