💬 Be Someone’s Conversational Follower.

Replied to Be Someone’s Conversational Follower. by Bill Ferriter (The Tempered Radical)

My goal is to both to add and to find more intellectual value from the time that I spend in social spaces.

More information doesn’t really help anyone to improve. It’s deeper reflection and conversation that matters most. I can encourage those behaviors in others and feed them in myself by becoming a conversational follower and reinvesting in blogs as a forum for extended interactions.

Personally, one of the changes that has made a difference to me is to keep a copy of the comments I make around the web. This is a part of the IndieWeb. Some sites accept comments in the form of webmentions, however those that do not (like your own) I simply cut and paste. I find that this extra effort has made the exercise more meaningful. Someone who might have something to add to this is Chris Aldrich.

3 responses on “💬 Be Someone’s Conversational Follower.”

  1. Chris Aldrich has compiled a number of resources that might be of help. Basically, you would need to:

    • Add both the IndieWeb and Webmentions Plugins.
    • Connect your Twitter account to Brid.gy.
    • Add a ‘Rel=me’ reference to the header of your blog. If you do not have a child theme you can use a Header/Footer plugin.
    • Include your blog in your bio within Twitter (which you have done).

    If you are still having issues then I would recommend checking out the IndieWeb site and / or joining the IndieWeb WordPress chat.

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