💬 An Indieweb Podcast Episode 12 – Gutenberg

Replied to An Indieweb Podcast Episode 12 – Gutenberg by David ShanskeDavid Shanske

In the latest episode of An Indieweb Podcast, Chris Aldrich joined me for a late night(for me at least) discussion of Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor, and the usual project talk. I felt I was a bit off due the lateness of the hour, but I still enjoyed the conversation.

Another great podcast with yourself and Chris. I am slowly understanding post kinds and how the plugin works. Is the recording of the data outside of the post the reason that the information does not show up within the site search? I have a tendency to include quotes in the quote/summary box, but have trouble surfacing these after the fact. My habit with Diigo was to search quotes and posts. I am guessing the answer might be to include these quotes within the body of the text?

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