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In the last month or so I gave three talks about blogs and me: one lightening talk at ViewSource, one at TODO London and another one at ReactJSGirls. Although I had applied for them at different times, they all happened close to each other and with IndieWebCamp, FFConf, organising a career panel and a work deadline in between it is fair to say that I had a busy November so only now I’ve had time to convert my talk into a blog post.

Note: This post will be a mixture of all three talks. They were all sightly different from each other but the core message is the same.

Ana R reflects on the trials and tribulations associated with blogging. She discusses her early experiences associated with following various interests and marrying this with a perceived professional image. She also touches on the differences between blogging and social media. It is another useful post to help appreciate the way in which blogs develop over time.


But obviously, as my timeline shows, something went wrong in 2012 and the answer to that is unfortunately easy. In 2012 I got my very first job in tech and everything stopped being fun. At that point I deleted everything and my interest in blogging a new chapter of my life died too. I felt like I was the only junior developer in the world. And I was very junior. I didn’t come from a computer science course and all I knew, I learned by myself. I remember the laughs and the mean responses when someone asked my background and I said “I learned by myself from doing X”.

“Share what you learn. And the best time to share is while you’re learning it. (You’ll have a voice in your head saying ‘Everyone knows this already’… Ignore that voice.)”

As far as I’m concerned having an HTML that only has links to other HTML pages counts as a lot to me. Whatever you choose as a blogging platform is right because it is the right one for you and in this process, only you matter.

Not knowing if people visit my blog allows me to feel free to be myself without censorship.

I believe you should blog because you want to, not because you think you must. And yes, while you do it some great consequences can come out of it (like the tweet above points out). Blogging can: Solidify what you’ve learned; Give you a voice; Empower you; Bonus: Searchable; Memories that you own and are in control of;

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