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Replied to PressForward as an IndieWeb WordPress-based RSS Feed Reader & Pocket/Instapaper Replacement by Author  Chris AldrichAuthor Chris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

PressForward was originally intended for journalists and news organizations to aggregate new content, add it to their newsroom workflow, and then use it to publish new content. From what I can see it’s also got a nice following in academia as a tool for aggregating content for researchers focused on a particular area.

It only took a minute or two of looking at PressForward to realize that it had another off-label use case: as a spectacular replacement for read-later type apps!

Chris, I stumbled upon your post on Press Forward whilst searching around your site. I really like the sound of it, especially in regards to better owning bookmarks and reading. Is that what you  use for your marginalia?

I feel wedded to Inoreader/Pocket at this point in time. However, I might spin up a new instance of WordPress and test it there. Can see myself using it to support deeper research one day.

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    1. Thanks Chris for the example. I can see what you mean by the CSS, it would be nicer to differentiate between the original text and commentary using size of font maybe? I assume that there is a limit as to what text you can drag in? Assuming you can’t just drag in PDF’s etc? Is it also limited by the copyright status of the original?

      Also on:

    2. Chris, I really like the sound of using Press Forward to aggregate. I remember Alec Couros talking about combining Tagboard and a unique hashtag to keep track of his students work. I have also been intrigued with the work Alan Levine does associated with Feed WordPress. I wonder where Press Forward sits with that and the possibilities that it allows.

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