๐Ÿ“‘ Why Less News on Facebook Is Good News for Everyone

Bookmarked Why Less News on Facebook Is Good News for Everyone by Will Oremus (Slate Magazine)

To what extent Facebookโ€™s disruption of the media facilitated the political upheaval and polarization weโ€™ve seen over the past several years is a question that researchers will be debating and investigating for some time. But it seems clear theyโ€™re related. And it was Facebookโ€™s takeover of the news that gave Russian agents the tools to influence elections and civil discourse in democracies around the world.

Will Oremus discusses Facebook’s flip to prioritise the personal over corporation. This will have a significant impact on the way that news is portrayed on the site. It comes on the back of a series of changes in which Facebook has broken the back of digital news coverage:

First, by encouraging people to get news from all different sources in the same place, Facebook leveled the playing field among publishers.

Second, whereas human editors used to be trained to select and emphasize stories based on their news value, Facebookโ€™s news feed algorithm optimized for clicks, views, likes, and shares.

This move isnโ€™t to repair the damage done to democracy, but rather to limit the damage done to its users.

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