๐Ÿ’ฌ The urge to publish simply everything

Replied to https://brainbaking.com/notes/2021/05/19h15m25s12/ by Wouter GroeneveldWouter Groeneveld (brainbaking.com)

Another strange habit of many contemporary IndieWeb bloggers: the urge to publish simply everything. A result of perhaps chanting โ€œown your data!โ€ a couple of times too much? For example, endless โ€œlikesโ€ such as https://collect.readwriterespond.com/abridged-literature-classics/ or โ€œcheckin…

Thank you Wouter for the read. I accept your criticism of my practice. To explain my personal intent, I used to use Diigo to capture such links. However, I turned to using my own sites as I wanted to own the data. I am not worried about whether it is ‘blogging’ or a ‘weblog’, my focus is on collecting the dots to develop longer form reflections upon. I felt awkward when I clicked on Dave Cormier’s site and found it was full of my pingbacks. My site therefore acts as something of a canonical link in-lieu of the actual link.

In regards to following the firehose, I have discussed was of adjusting the feed before. However, I am yet to set up a page like Chris Aldrich. From your points, I guess I should.

I did think that maybe my monthly newsletter sufficed, obvious not.

As a side note to all this, I also wondered about what it might mean to capture absolutely everything to form a deeper appreciate my presence on the web, but I long gave up that hope. I read way more than I respond to.

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