๐Ÿ’ฌ The HSC โ€“ what it is and what it needs toย be

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Whilst the HSC has been in continuous review for decades it now needs refurbishment. In doing so, we need to keep the best of what it offers and replace what needs to go with new metrics which offer a far more complete picture of each young adultโ€™s knowledge, understanding, skills, capabilities and dispositions, and how they are applied.

As I have said, what the HSC is and what it needs to be are two very different things.

Greg, this seems to be the wicked problem of our time. It has been interesting to see various universities form connections with schools, such as Templestowe and Swinburne University. The problem is that the status quo still seems to be based on scores and ranking.

Intrigued with University of Melbourne’s ‘New Metrics’ program. They have a bit of history with exploring new areas for assessment with the ATC21s program (whitepaper can be found here), however I am not sure what really came of that work.

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  1. Agreed. The work of Swinburne & @unimelb. The next step is to scale uni partnerships & then scale purposeful connections between schools/Ed systems with industry, businesses, researchers, start ups etc etc. thanks for your interest & taking the time to comment. Much appreciated

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