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A stand out take away for me was how much precision there is to connect senior students to the post school world whilst they are still at school. With that comes school based requirements additional to the required by the state for graduation.

Greg, I guess this celebration of pathways is what Greg Whitby is trying to capture through his discussion of ‘pre-to-post schooling‘? It also reminds me of what Todd Rose captures in his book The End of Average.
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Principal, Donna Drago, courageously introduced Project Based Learning 5 years ago, 5 yeas after she started as principal at the school. Donna was quickly joined by champions on staff. Together, and over time, the results, outcomes and learning growth of students have all validated Donna’s decision.

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Instead of handing out rewards, merits, stickers and stamps, I am strong in the belief that we are better to catch students ‘doing good’ in the moment. Private words of encouragement in the moment have greater impact than the public monthly awards at assemblies, often when the moment has passed and been forgotten.

Great post Greg. It reminds me of a post I wrote a few years ago on the problems associated with the ‘Student of the Week‘.

In a recent episode of Modern Learners Podcast,Stephanie Rogen suggests that spending time on the why (ex

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Recently, I was asked to offer my insights into what the ‘new normal’ is. The comparative table below is by no means comprehensive, and nor is St Luke’s covering all of the ‘new normals’ listed below. However, the table offers a reference point, one which is continually updated and changed, just like a ‘start up’ I suppose.

This is a great provocation Greg. So much to think about. I really like your point about changes to curriculum and assessment.

One thing that I read lately is a move from Bring Your Own Device to Bring Your Own Data. This then places students at the heart of data.

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Who knows what will come of the NSW Curriculum Review? I trust that Professor Geoff Masters and his team will declutter the curriculum by taking a ‘Less is Best’ approach.

It will be interesting Greg what comes of the review. When you say ‘less is best’ I am reminded of New Zealand, my only concern though is whose ‘less’ is best? If this simply results in a ‘back to basics’, then I will be concerned.
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From next week, each Wednesday afternoon throughout Term 3 there will be learning sessions which combine the interests and knowledge of students with their own strengths, talents, interest and/or hobbies. Adventure Learning will conclude with a Showcase event on Wednesday 26 September. Parents and the wider community will be more than welcome to view displays, presentations and projects delivered by students. We look forward to conveying more information to you throughout this term about Adventure Learning.

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How are systems and schools assisting teachers with their ‘game day performance’ to nurture students to develop the necessary skills and capabilities beyond core curriculum, literacy an numeracy?

It seems to me that you can have the best ‘game plan’ in the world, but unless teachers know about their ‘game day performance’, the ‘game plan’ may not be worth that much!

Greg, this reminds me of previous experiences around locking down an instructional model. You have me wondering how this time could have been better utilised by teachers in reflecting upon their practice. You might be interested in this post from Mark Enser.
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As students progress through Years 8, 9 & 10 in the coming years, there will increasingly be more and more time for students to self direct their Personalised Curriculum. This may include, but is not limited to:

Acceleration of core curriculum subjects leading to early commencement of HSC in one or two subjects.
If required, intervention strategies for those students who do not meet minimum national benchmark standards for literacy and numeracy.
Early commencement of VET (Vocational and Educational Training) subjects either at school or through TAFE.
Participation in Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), completion of digital badge courses or informal internships with local industry experts and ‘start ups’.
Self directed electives and collaborative projects as a result of students working with teachers with the following provocation: Knowing my Strengths, Motivations and Interests (SIM), how can I use my identified talents and affirmed capabilities to ensure a better world?

This is a great achievement Greg.

It has been fascinating following your thinking in this area. There are so many assumptions that go unquestioned. I am reminded of some of the work at Geelong College and Templestowe College.

My wondering is the ramification for aspects such as reporting and timetables. I remember visiting a school that had gone down a similar path for Year 6’s and listening to the amount of work that went into creating ‘personalised’ report templates. Will this just come back to your template around your six pillars? I was speaking with a representative from Compass who told me about CENet contract.

I know that it seems trivial, however I think that these tedious elements are often overlooked and I would love to know your thoughts.

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Do what’s hard. Place high expectations on yourself. Take risks. Do something that matters

Great post Greg. So much to take in as we go into the new year. The thing I was left wondering about each of the contexts were the conditions that made leadership possible in each of the scenarios. Whether it be a mandate, some sort of sacrifice or thesupport from those around us, I wondering if we also have a shared responsibility to not only lead ourselves, but also help others lead as well?