Liked Mitch Tambo delivers plea to Australia on Indigenous issues during Reconciliation Week on Q+A (ABC News)

We hear the term all the time that you’re resilient. It doesn’t mean we want to be resilient. We want to be free, we want to be trauma-free.

This transgenerational trauma stuff, it is scientifically proven it can be passed on through the DNA, it is real.

I just hope, I hope with all of my heart that we are coming to a position in this nation where we can stop turning our head away, open our hearts and just grow a little bit of capacity for our story.

Because the truth is the stolen generations, the majority of it β€” when I say these words, it’s not to trigger any of the old people that were taken β€” they weren’t necessarily birthed out of love.

Our women were raped and bastardised and here we sit today with our women 30 to 80 times more likely to be hospitalised due to domestic violence.

That’s our women, there’s nothing more royal or sacred on this planet than our women.

We’re from the oldest living continual culture on the planet and so over-represented in this hell of domestic violence.

It starts as a root where we have to go to.

In order to face that root we have to hit it front on and go “I didn’t do it”, but rather than turn away and say “that’s not my fault, I’m not sorry”, it’s like a brother’s, sister’s, auntie’s, uncle’s passed away and you heard about it and you go, “Are you OK? I’m sorry that happened. I will empathise with you and open up my heart and give you a hug, because I’m sorry”.

Let’s talk about it.