Listened Sons Of, by Sam Prekop and John McEntire from Sam Prekop and John McEntire

Prekop and McEntireโ€™s Sons Of is a thrillingly diverse journey and a masterclass in longform music that reveals nuance at each listen. By concentrating their considerable skills as both creators and curators, the duo have crafted an album abundantly vibrant, an intoxicating exploration of pure inspiration and intuition.

I really like how although these tracks are quite lengthly, they never feel overly repetitive or boring. This is something that Philip Sherburne captures in his review:

Every few bars, thereโ€™s a new sound clamoring for your attention; the chords gradually become more enveloping, radiant, even sentimental. The drifting harmonies echo the Sea and Cake at their balmiest and most bucolic, where even the slightest effort melts beneath the glow of the endless summer; the tumbling groove exemplifies the ramshackle, improvisatory spirit thatโ€™s at the heart of modular synthesis.

Place between Prop and Jono Ma.