Bookmarked Do the benefits of ice baths or cold water immersion outweigh the risks? by Shelby Traynor (ABC News)

 Alice has been doing ice baths twice a week for the past four months, and the effect still hasn’t worn off.

“It’s such a mental thing,” she says.

“For someone who’s an over-thinker … being in the ice forces me into feeling rather than thinking, because you have to feel, because it’s cold!”

Source: Are ice baths good for you? Dr Norman Swan investigates by taking the plunge By Shelby Traynor for the Health Report

The ABC Health Report dives into the ice bath. They explore the research into the supposed benefits to the immune system or muscle recovery.

Nick Cave has also shared his thoughts on ice baths, although his are more natural, rather than a tub full of ice on a beach:

In icy water, with our adrenaline and endorphins running riot, we are returned to our innocent, primordial selves via an internal ecstatic screaming to be born defiantly afresh. We become tiny creatures in the shock of nature, and, Freya, we are _made_ happy!

Source: The Red Hand Files – Issue #288 – What makes you happy? by Nick Cave

Listened Have we misunderstood the Doherty modelling? from ABC Radio National

Who would have thought pre-pandemic that the intricacies of mathematical modelling would become part of people’s everyday conversation and widespread media coverage.

Norman Swan speaks with Allan Saul about misconceptions associated with the Doherty modelling, in particular that 70% of the population vaccinated does not equate with some sort of Freedom Day.

In a seperate piece, Katherine Murphy highlights the ways in which it is a political pandemic.

If the country doesn’t reopen once we’ve hit 70% vaccination rates, the prime minister wants frustrated people to blame the premiers. Seeing that manoeuvre coming, some premiers (the people who run health systems that could be overwhelmed) sprinted ahead of the prime minister last week, foregrounding the various risks, identifying the crossroads Australia had now reached. How many hospitalisations are Australians prepared to tolerate? How much serious illness? How many deaths? What about kids?