๐Ÿ“… Phillip Island (2019)

Checked into Silverwater Resort – Phillip Island
Going from school holidays to four weeks a year has meant that we make the most out of what time we have as a family. We therefore decided to go away over Easter.

We stayed at Silverwater Resort just off Phillip Island. We stayed at Ramada Resort near Cowes a few years ago and were interested in somewhere different.

Silverwater was a good location. Being before the island meant that we did not have to sit in the island traffic, which was congested all weekend. The resort also had a great pool and a playground for the kids.

While we were at Phillip Island we visited Churchill Island a couple of times, once for a farmer’s market and the other for Easter activities. We did not go to any of the other usuals, such as the Penguins or Koala Park.

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