📅 Albury 22

Prior to COVID, we had a tradition as a family to go on a big holiday each September. We had not really planned to go away this year. However, with the passing of the queen and the additional public holiday we decided to make the most of the situation and go on a driving holiday to Albury.

It is always funny how you assume certain things based on past experiences. When we arrived after driving all day we assumed we would easily be able to get into somewhere to celebrate our anniversary, but we quickly realised that even mid-week a walk-up was not a guarantee. After wandering the streets for a while we stumbled upon the Public House. It is funny how with all the searching online, serendipity still has a place. The place pleased all, with my wife and I sharing a mini cocktail or two, while our children loved colouring in the children’s menus and completing the various activities provided. Oh, and the food was great.

We chose to stay in Albury as it not only provided a range of activities, but a great launching spot for the wider area. One place we were keen to visit was Beechworth. I always find it interesting to visit a place twice. Sometimes the memory does not necessarily match with how it actually is. I have some history with the area, with my wife and I having in Beechworth in 2009, while I also went on school camp there many years ago.

Visiting with our children, we went to Beechworth Honey, where the girls got to taste different types of honey and learn about the process involved in producing them. We then went to the original Beechworth Bakery and had a pie and a bee sting. After that we walked across town to Billson Brewery. Not sure I remember visiting this space in the past.  It was a good place to visit with the children as they got to try the various flavours of cordial, while my wife and I were able to try the various gins and liqueurs. It was also nice to buy some bottles of Chilli Punch Cordial, although I now realise that I could have ordered them from Billson online, it just never occurred to me. On our way back to Albury we took a detour and climbed to the top of Mt Pilot. A reminder I should do more bush walks with my children.

For diner we went back to Public House for 2 for 1 pizzas. Funny thing was that we got rained on as the retractable roof was left open.

On Friday, we explored Albury. This included spending time at the children’s garden in the Albury Botanical Garden. We then visited the Murray Art Museum Albury. A couple of highlights were Stephen Bush’s Babar inspired The Lure of Paris #35, Kevin Gilbert’s Colonising Species and the kids space.

Sadly the night ended on a sour note as we were evacuated from our hotel at 3am in the morning. Thankfully it was not raining outside as we wait to be told we could return to our rooms. I guess it could have been worse, we could have been evacuated due to flooding or worse, because we were under attack. Not sure our children saw it.

For our last full day away, we decided to go driving to Corowa / Rutherglen region. It was fascinating to see the Murray in flood. When I lived in Swan Hill for a few years, the river was relatively low, but there were always remnants and markers to remind you that it was and is not always that way.

In our travels, we visited Corowa Distilery (and Chocolate), Campbells Winery, All Saints Winery, Gooramadda Olives, and Earthcare Farm. We visited the area in the past, however having children with us definitely provided a different perspective. It was a good time to do it as it seemed that many were off watching the grand final.

One of the interesting things to come up through the conversations was the experience of living on the state border during the COVID lockdowns. One person explained to us how different teams were cycled through the various border crossings with little to no knowledge of the area. It was eye-opening and really provided a different perspective.

On our way home on Sunday, we detoured via Milawa Cheese and the Ned Kelly show in Glenrowan. It was fascinating to see the investment into Glenrowan, I was expecting it to be dead, but there had clearly been investment in the town and its history. Only a few minutes off the freeway, I think that I would stop there in the future, especially after purchasing the biggest bee sting in my life from the bakery.

Checked into Silverwater Resort – Phillip Island
Going from school holidays to four weeks a year has meant that we make the most out of what time we have as a family. We therefore decided to go away over Easter.

We stayed at Silverwater Resort just off Phillip Island. We stayed at Ramada Resort near Cowes a few years ago and were interested in somewhere different.

Silverwater was a good location. Being before the island meant that we did not have to sit in the island traffic, which was congested all weekend. The resort also had a great pool and a playground for the kids.

While we were at Phillip Island we visited Churchill Island a couple of times, once for a farmer’s market and the other for Easter activities. We did not go to any of the other usuals, such as the Penguins or Koala Park.

📅 Adelaide 18/19

The family and I recently spent a week in Adelaide.


We drove across. One lesson quickly learnt was that having three different sources of sound with added singing to boot (no not me) was never going to work. Once we stopped in Horsham to purchase headphones for the kids serenity was reclaimed. To be honest, the 8 hour trip seems a lot shorter than it used to be, which was surprising because of the kids. Maybe I have more patience these day? Not sure.


We stayed in Seaford which was a really good location. It allowed us to go swimming in the morning and at night at Moana Beach, as well as easily get out and about.


McLaren Vale

Staying so close – only a fifteen minute drive – we visited McLaren Vale a few times.

One time we ate at Gracebridles. We were sold on the idea of chocolate thinking of our visits to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Margaret River Chocolate Co, however it was a lot more quaint with no tastings 🙁

In regards to wineries, we visited:

  • Woodstock: They had a playground with plenty of shade. They also had a space to feed the kangaroos, although they were far too hot to come out from resting under the trees.
  • Gemtree: An organic winery, they sold catered for kids with packs and a playground. Only issue was that they lacked cover on a hot day.
  • Chapel Hill: This was a return from ten years ago. Although the ‘sparkling white’ we remember obviously was not from there.

These choices were in part based on location, as well as the recommendations of the Kids in Adelaide site.

Victor Harbour

One day we drove down to Victor Harbour. We had planned to do this on a really hot days, thinking that it would be cooler, but decided against it. Ironically, it was almost cool enough with the breeze to want a jacket. We visited the Whale Centre, which was a great place to go with kids. Not only did it provide a background to whaling in Victor Harbour, but it also gave an insight into the various environmental impacts.


We also visited Adelaide on the train. I was interested in the extension. It was very long, very long. We went to Jamie’s Italian restaurant for lunch. The food, service and price were really good, especially when children ate free.

All in all it was a good trip.

Checked into Seaford House – TripAdvisor – Holiday Rental in Seaford Rise
The Seaford House is in a great location. It is situated within walking distance of Seaford Central, Seaford Station and Moana Beach, as well as only a few minutes drive from the Onkaparinga River National Park, McLaren Vale and the Southern Expressway.

The house is very roomy with heating/cooling, secured parking, lounge spaces, indoor and outdoor eating spaces and plenty of space to hang and store clothing. There is also a lawn in the backyard useful for energetic children to run around in.

Overall, for the price the Seaford House is a great place to stay when getting away.