๐Ÿ“‘ Networked Making

Listened Networked Making โ€“ Podcast by David White

On the 10th July 2019 we ran the โ€˜Networked Makingโ€™ event at the University of the Arts London. This post introduces a podcast in which myself and Jon Martin reflect on the โ€˜Making Networksโ€™ workshop activity we designed for the start of the day
(with input from Dr Sheena Calvert and the โ€˜Interpolateโ€™ student group) .

The activity was described as: โ€œA workshop session in which participants collaboratively make and reflect on a physical model/metaphor of their networks.โ€

David White and Dr Sheena Calvert explore the sense of risk, negotiated assessment and challenges associated with agency in delivering
an open-ended session. This is a useful reflection on professional development and learning.

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