🎧 Mothers and Milk (Eat This)

Listened Mothers and Milk The ultimate short food chain; one person makes it, another person eats it. by Jeremy Cherfas from eatthispodcast.com

A wet nurse (for that is what Hera was in all tellings of the story) created the Milky Way when her divine milk sprayed across the heavens. Today’s nursing mothers are not so blessed. Although women have a legal right to breastfeed in public across the United States and the UK (and many other countries), there are plenty of individuals who seem to think that they have the right to tell them to stop, and plenty of new mothers who are intimidated enough not to try. Why? How can this most essential of food chains possibly be considered shameful? And then there are the women who would dearly love to breastfeed their infants, but cannot. In this episode, experts on infant feeding discuss the history and current status of mothers’ milk and its various substitutes.

I never considered how much we take something like baby formula for granted. Having had a child failed to thrive due to a dairy allergy, formula with synthetic was essential in working through this.

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    1. Aaron Davis says:

      Human milk was temperamental as it was not clear what our daughter was actually allergic to, this is what led to the need for special formula. Sadly, she spent quite a bit of time in her early years just vomiting.

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