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For getting instructions from user to computer – in a clear, quick and unambiguous form – the command line is often the best way. Now – thanks to Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi – a new generation are discovering the power of the command line to simplify complex tasks, or instantly carry out simple ones.

## Master essential skills across 10 chapters:

* Read and write text files
* Find & install software
* Manage removable storage
* Use Secure Shell for remote access
* Create Raspberry Pi SD cards
* Customise the command line
* and much, much more.

*Conquer the Command Line is freely licensed under **[Creative Commons
(BY-SA-NC 3.0)][1]**.*

*You can download this eBook free now and forever, but buying in digital
supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to democratise

[1]: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

MagPi / RaspberryPi put together a guide to getting going with command line.

One response on “📑 Command Line — The MagPi magazine”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    This is a useful guide. I remember  Oliver Quinlan, a guest on Radio EDUtalk talking about the eloquence of the command line compared to pointing and grunting.
    I enjoy using the command line, often with Raspberry PIs, but it is easy to miss some of the basics which this guide covers well.

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