📓 Technology is never neutral

Technology always has a focus, whether it be student, teacher or system. One of the interesting things to consider is when different perspectives compete within the one software package.

Technology is never neutral. An incredibly clever teacher might be able to pull a technology a little bit between the vertices in the triangle, but that doesn’t change the equation. Educators need to decide upon whom they wish to bestow agency. I’m in Papert’s corner. It is best for learners and enjoys the greatest return on investment.source

Doug Belshaw adds a different take on this, suggesting that it either supports or pushes against the status quo:

There’s no such thing as a neutral system, so every time you design a new technology-based system, you’re designing to reinforce or subvert existing power structures.source

He uses the example of Open Badges to illustrate this.

Using the example of trowels used for masonry, Virginia Eubanks explains that the affordances impact the user’s experience:

Technology makes learning more doable

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