Listened POLITICS: A Case Study of the Nexus between Populism, Apathy & Exploitation, by Worker & Parasite from Worker & Parasite

This EP has been commissioned and approved for circulation by the MINISTRY OF SOCIAL COHESION, as per directive #NC4551.

All tracks were created, captured, and manipulated by members of WORKER & PARASITE sporadically over the period 2020-2022.

Percussive instrumentation captured at CACTUS ROOM. Totality of additional audio captured at undisclosed locations.

[REDACTED] commissioned by the relevant department to master all works. Accompanying visuals completed by @natrees.b and [REDACTED].

Further PARTY acknowledgments: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED].

Severe regards to all PARTY Members.

A friend invited me to attend the benefit for Food Not Bombs. In particular, he was interested in seeing Worker & Parasite. “They are like Devo.” I had not heard of the band, but was intrigued, especially after listening to their EP, POLITICS: A Case Study of the Nexus between Populism, Apathy & Exploitation. The performance was everything that you would want. The music was tight, the content was provocative, the presentation was intriguing (what was in the envolope?), and overall I was left thinking afterwards.

Worker & Parasite at Bar 303

My one question was where to next? Sonically, the music goes in a few different directions, but I wonder if the music is a response to the current context?

(Sonically) Place between Architecture in Helsinki and LCD Soundsystem