💬 Episode 113: Privacy Not Included

Replied to Episode 113: Privacy Not Included by Doug Belshaw, Dai Barnes (Today In Digital Education Podcast)

This week, Doug and Dai discuss what people get up to in autonomous vehicles, internet-era ways of working, Facebook-designed school curricula, open source culture, podcasts, information environments, and more!

I enjoyed the discussion of ‘news’. Personally, I draw upon a diet made up of aggregations, newsletters, podcasts and feeds. I have gotten to a place where I initially sift through titles and summaries to work out what is out interest and either read them or send to Pocket to read/listen or save to Huffduffer before saving them. I touched upon my filters here and my workflows here.

I wanted to clarify a comment made in response to my post. If the perception is that I sit all day at my desk reading the web, then it is wrong. I did spend time curating resources associated with Google, however I have moved departments and Google is no longer at the core of my work. Although I dip in now and then to my feed, the majority of my curation occurs out of hours on the train ride home or after the children have finally gone to bed. Rightly or wrongly, this is what I choose to spend my time with. I have little interest in gaming or watching television. I would argue that my current work does not necessarily allow the time, but rather the cognitive space to explore divergent ideas.

In regards to my newsletter, thank you for the feedback. Some food for thought moving into the new year.

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