๐Ÿ“‘ Autechre: NTS Sessions 1-4

Bookmarked Autechre: NTS Sessions 1-4 (Pitchfork)
Autechreโ€™s eight-hour NTS Sessions adds another level of the British duoโ€™s legacy. Though itโ€™s created by a computer, it will bring you to another plane of human existence if you let it.
This review of the latest offering provides an interesting insight into the non-human actors within electronic music. The argument put is that the more albums made the more Autechre they become.

Even when they are proudly flouting their influences, retracing the daisy chained 808 madness of Mantronix or the nauseating cacophony of early Coil, they claim full ownership. Itโ€™s not possible for Autechre to sound like anything except Autechre. And, with each new release, they somehow sound more like Autechre than on the previous one. The sound design is fuller, the programming more intricate, the shock of the new hitting just a bit harder than before.

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    1. Agree. Maybe in part that is intentional and by design. A different sort of ‘dance’.

      Even though there seems to be an effort to distance themselves from their early work, I still like going back to Tri Repetae, one of my all time favourites.

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