💬 Ask Chris Aldrich about Android and Share Function

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In the spirit of the old “Ask Me” pages on Tumblr or the popularized version of Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and partly as an IndieWeb experiment, I thought I would have and own my own Ask Me

Chris, I have a question about your use of URL Forwarder for generating posts on Android. As a solution, I really like it, however I find that when I use it I often get a blank post. This seems to be because when I share some links, Android include both the title and the url. I was wondering what you do about this and whether you had found a way around this. All the discussions about Android’s Share function that I have read focus on pinning apps and that sort of customisation, rather than how to customise what sort of link is actually shared.

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  1. Aaron, I don’t think I’ve run into blank posts before. I’ve often seen it forward to URLs with odd % encodings and usually going to the URL and deleting some of the cruft fixes those problems. Do you have a particular example or two I could take a look at?

    1. Chris, here is a screenshot of my attempt to share a link from Inoreader using URL Forwarder.

      I then share to email to demonstrate what I am talking about in regards to the link (although each of the buttons may have a different output I guess).

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