🤔 25 Books Every Technologist Should Read

Replied to 25 Books Every Technologist Should Read (ideaspaces.net)

Over the last 40 years of my education as a technologist I find myself returning to some of the same texts over and over. As I have taught workshops over the years, I’m sometimes amazed how unfamiliar people are with some of these texts even as they try to implement technology solutions either as IT practitioners or users of technology. Technology fails because we don’t think deeply about what we’re doing before trying to graft a “solution” onto a problem we don’t really understand. These books are designed to make you think differently about how you apply technology. I will build this page one book at a time so watch this space as new titles emerge over the coming months.

Is that what I am, a technologist? I think that the sad reality is that we can never really read enough.

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