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Writing across each other’s blogs, I love how in some MOOCs, when people are focused on the same topic, one writes a post connecting ideas from multiple other posts, taking the ideas further, grabbing comments from elsewhere, and making something new, then recycling the ideas again. It’s a kind of “distributed” collaborative writing.
This is an intriguing reflection Maha. I like your points about writing across blogs, as well as connecting beyond ourselves. The one question I was left wondering is whether you would right the same post now? I too have written myself about the benefits of connected education. With both posts written a few years ago, I wonder if anything has changed? Would you still have the same outlook?

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  1. What has changed a lot since that post is that I have now a. Met many of the people I’m referring to face to face and worked closely with them f2f to organize events or to co-teach or such.. So I know better about those complexities and I know that yes, I knew them before I met them. And b. I also now have Virtually Connecting… Which, beyond the sessions people can watch online, is really about a community that works together in the background all the time via text and unrecorded meetings… What people see, the sessions that are livestreamed, is just the tip of the iceberg


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