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Provocative, crisp and written from a practitioner’s perspective, the series starts a fresh conversation between past and present, and writer and reader. It sheds light on the craft of writing, and introduces some intriguing and talented authors and their work.

One of my recent finds on Audible was the Writers on Writers series, it involves one author writing about another author:

Writers on writers is a series of short books in which leading authors reflect on an Australian writer who has inspired and influenced them.

This was different from something like the Fontana Modern Masters series, which from my experience provided a structured ‘guide to intellectual currents’. Although like the Fontana series each book involves an engagement between the two authors, where this series differs is that each book is unique in voice and style. For example:

  • On John Marsden is Alice Pung’s letter of gratitude.
  • On David Malouf is as much a reflection on Nam Le’s writing and what it means to be an Australian writer as it is about Malouf.
  • On Patrick White is Christos Tsiolkas’ more methodical analysis about what made White’s writing so powerful.

What is interesting about these books is that knowledge of either writer is not essential as each book offers its own insight.

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