📑 Writer’s Notebook: 5 myths to debunk

Bookmarked Writer’s Notebook: 5 myths to debunk – Oz Lit Teacher Narissa Leung (Oz Lit Teacher Narissa Leung)

Writer’s notebook can be powerful tools for improving student writing, but they must be used in a way that promotes time for writing, increases volume of writing and allows student choice in writing.

Narissa Leung unpacks five myths about writer’s notebooks:

  1. Having a writer’s notebook automatically improves student writing.
  2. There’s one correct way to use a writer’s notebook.
  3. Students can have complete freedom when using a writer’s notebook.
  4. The writer’s notebook is only useful for ‘collecting seeds.’
  5. It’s either notebooks or genre instruction- you can’t do both.

This is a useful provocation for thinking about the purpose behind strategies such as writer’s notebook.

Leung also shares a collection of prompts.

It is interesting to consider this alongside blogging and something like Stephen Downes’ post on where his blogging ideas come from.

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