๐Ÿ’ฌ Ben Williamson on HE Market Reforms

Replied to Mapping the data infrastructure of market reform in higher education (code acts in education)
As with all data infrastructure, mapping the HE data infrastructure is a complex task. In this initial attempt to document it, I am following Rob Kitchinโ€™s call for case studies that trace out the โ€˜sociotechnical arrangementsโ€™ of people, organizations, policies, discourses and technologies involved in the development, evolution, influence, dead-ends and failures of data infrastructures. It is necessarily a very partial account of a much larger project to follow the development, rollout and upkeep of a new data infrastructure in UK HE, and to chart how big data, learning analytics and adaptive learning technologies are being positioned as part of this program to deliver a reformed โ€˜smartโ€™ sector for the future.
Ben this is a fascinating read. I love the way that you bring all the parts of the assemblage into view. The only question that I was left wondering is the role of SIF specifications has with higher education?

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