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Replied to #WhyITeach by John Wigg (Mr Wigg)

I teach because I love being a childโ€™s advocate and helping him/her realize his/her own potential.

I remember deciding that I wanted to be a teacher when I left school and although I became a teacher, my reasoning for why I wanted to teach considerably changed. I started out with an interest in History and in hindsight, probably subject knowledge and skills, yet when I finished my studies I was more interested in creating the conditions for others to wonder.

I think I teach (or am involved in education) to support others in reaching their potential, but also in engaging in interests. I remember being told once that the word essay is best understood as ‘your say’. I have never actually found a reference for this, but the lesson stuck.

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  1. Thatโ€™s great to hear Aaron. I think itโ€™s important to encourage students to reach their potential. If we show that we have faith in them, they will strive and take up the challenge.

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