๐Ÿ“‘ Why We Replaced Heroes with Antiheroes

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We often use the word โ€œheroโ€ to describe the main character of a story. But since the 19th Century, our most popular stories usually arenโ€™t about heroes.
Instead, theyโ€™re about anti-heroes.
So whatโ€™s the difference, and why are traditional โ€œheroesโ€ getting so hard to find?
To understan…

Justin Kownacki explores the notion of the hero versus the anti-hero.

A classic hero also requires a clear code: to boldly stand FOR something, which requires clearly and simultaneously standing AGAINST its opposite.

Where as:

An anti-hero is a compromised hero.

Kownacki discusses the popularity of the anti-hero (The Watchmen), the way that the anti-hero is sometimes cast as a hero (Wolverine) and where the hero masquerades as an anti-hero (The Rock).

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