๐Ÿ“‘ Why Was Flash Doomed to Fail? Usability, Usability, Usability

Bookmarked Why Was Flash Doomed to Fail? Usability, Usability, Usability (Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet.)

Pondering the demise of Adobeโ€™s Flash through shifting approaches to digital creation these daysโ€”and why we may not have anything quite like it again.

Ernie Smith reflects on the death of Flash and rues the lose to creativity.

Developing a website nowadays is full of parameters. It needs to be flexible enough for different use cases and screen sizes, considering of accessibility and convention. And things like development stacks have to come up at the beginning of the conversation. It can feel like a lot of rules for people who want to simply create even before they put down their first brush stroke.
And that left a class of users, the pure creatives that found something appealing about Flashโ€™s simplicity, behind.

Will Bedingfield also shares a similar sentiment:

Itโ€™s trueโ€”the Flash era web fell short in many areas where the modern web excels, not least in monetizing addiction and surveillance. The webโ€™s messiness represented a kind of amateur autonomy. Flash never stood a chance.

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