Why Is Digital Sociology?

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Digital sociology is because race, class, and gender are. Digital sociology is because capitalism is. Digital sociology is because inequality is. Digital sociology is immersed in the technologies reshaping social processes and, like the classic imperative to stand apart, must wrestle with our social location in a digital society. We should study groups because that is what we do. We should make testable hypotheses and revisit the assumptions in our empirical claims to knowledge. We should examine anew if place is a suitable proxy for space and if either approximate status in a digitally-mediated world. We should attend to power beyond the strength off weak ties. The digital society is not just social ties. It is also currencies and exchanges and power relations and asymmetries. Digital sociology should disaggregate these to their respective subfield experts but also keep an eye on their synthesis and integration. Digital sociology needs more big theory as well as testable theory.

Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses what is different about digital sociology. This reminds me of the discussions about digital literacies and digital fluency. I must admit I get a little lost in the debate sometimes.

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