๐Ÿ“‘ Why I Love Link Blogging

Bookmarked Why I Love Link Blogging (BirchTree)
The web allows us to create content that is connected with the rest of the web. Everything we do, especially us writers, is kicked off by something someone else said, and we should embrace that. Make your blog a part of a conversation, not an island that feels like youโ€™re just doing this all on your own. None of us are, and we should be proud of that.
I too love link blogs. Reflecting on the three methods of writing outlined:

Do I write my article as a brand new post that gives the impression I thought of something in a vacuum? Do I write a normal post and link to the article/tweet that inspired me inline? Do I do a full block quote that shows off what idea got me going and write from there?

I feel I find myself wondering which link to reference. More recently, I have taken to referring to many of my own bookmarks. Although this is useful for my own thinking, I wonder if it impeds readers?

H/T Chris Aldrich

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