๐Ÿ’ฌ Why Alan Tudge is now on the history warpath

Listened Why Alan Tudge is now on the history warpath from EduResearch Matters

This points to education tactically being used to further the Federal Governmentโ€™s re-election campaign, rather than a strategic move to save the soul of the nation. Tactics are localised responses to circumstances, whereas strategies are more stabilised and long term. So in other words, the federal cabinet ministers are finding issues to associate with the word โ€œoptimismโ€ and putting it in front of as many voters as possible. For education, the History Wars have a history of going viral, even before the internet. And if you look at Tudgeโ€™s comments on Friday, the History curriculum is nestled in with the other two big viral topics โ€“ literacy and numeracy test scores.

Reading Naomi Barnes’ discussion of Alan Tudge’s challenge to the history curriculum had me going back and listening to The Fauves Celebrate the Failure.

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