🎧 Wherefore the Cover Song? (Pretty Much Pop)

Listened PMP#129: Wherefore the Cover Song? by Mark Mark from prettymuchpop.com

Is re-playing or re-recording a song written and performed by someone else an act of love or predation?

Mark is joined by Too Much Joy’s Tim Quirk, the Gig Gab Podcast’s Dave Hamilton, and the author of A Philosophy of Cover Songs Prof. P.D. Magnus to talk about different types of and purposes for covers, look a little at the history, share favorites, and more.

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Pretty Much Pop podcast team speak with Prof. P.D. Magnus about his book A Philosophy of Covers Songs. Throughout, they explore various aspects associated with cover songs. The way often start as cover bands, at the very least starting as a fan. The history of covers, including the notion of ‘coverage’ and playing the music people wanted to hear, as well as covering/hiding over other artists, making black artists white. The choice between a straight note for note cover versus a rendition, with the challenge as to change and what to keep. Extending from this, the cover can serve as a meditation on the original or even an answer, which is the case with Aretha Franklin’s cover of Otis Readings Respect. According to Magnus, there are three aspects associated with experiencing a cover, turns the listening onto something new, shows the listener something new in the song and creates a communal experience.

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