💬 What Twitter Can Learn From Spotify

Replied to What Twitter Can Learn From Spotify (On my Om)

Twitter needs to change gears quickly — and it needs to start rebuilding itself now. It won’t be long before the toxicity on the platform starts to deprecate the brand itself. So far, the company seems to be set on taking the content-delivery road more traveled. Changing course could make all the difference.

I agree with Om that Twitter needs to change, I am just not sure about a Twitter as a place for content curation:

In much the same way Spotify has become a place where people experience music, Twitter could be the place where we discover, share, and consume news and other written content. And unlike Spotify, it could be a place where new, independent voices are found and build an audience.

Spotify’s reward structure doesn’t help the independents, and many smaller artists feel left out in the cold and understandably frustrated. Twitter could develop a subscription system that rewards both big and independent content creators. A system proposed earlier could be a skeletal template that satisfies both the big and the independent.

In part, this sounds like what Nuzzel offers, without the explicit organising. Interestingly, this sounds like a feed reader, I therefore wonder if that is where the opportunity lies, with things like Inoreader’s magic sort?

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