๐Ÿ’ฌ What IndieBlocks Does, and Why

Replied to What IndieBlocks Does, and Why by Jan BoddezJan Boddez (jan.boddez.net)

I want my microformats โ€œbaked intoโ€ my posts, so that if I were to ever disable this plugin, all of my existing content stays untouched. Current microformats plugins rely on PHP โ€œfront-endโ€ hooks and such, which I wanted to avoid.

Jan, this looks interesting. I am intrigued in an alternative to Post Kinds. I fear that I am going to hit a wall at some point if or when the classic plugin is no longer supported. I like what it does, but agree with your concern about it being outside of the post. One of the things that I am coming to realise though is that unless I were to roll out my own solution (which seems well beyond me) that I am always at the whim of somebody else’s design principles.

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