I very much enjoyed reading What Happened to Tagging, by Alexandra Samuel, so thanks to Aaron Davis for the link .
I do think, however, that she is being entirely too negative about the state of play today. Aaron singled out one wistful quote, about the web we could have. I noted that the author could start having that web today, were she so inclined. And I singled out a different quote:

I’ve so completely abandoned tags and RSS that when I got my annual subscription reminder from Feedly, the RSS reader I adopted once Google Reader closed, I literally couldn’t remember when I’d last looked at my RSS subscriptions.

Seems to me that there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of the author recovering the experience she used to have except herself. That there is nowhere on her JSTOR post that would allow me to suggest this is further circumstantial evidence that she doesn’t really want what she says she does.
Rather than enumerating the eulogies for RSS and being surprised that she’s paying for a service she isn’t using, why not start using it? Why not learn about the nifty tools that will give you RSS feeds of your Twitter lists. Alexandra has her own site, where she appears to at least link to her writings (though not yet this piece). It’s a start, even if it isn’t a full PESOS. It looks like a WordPress site.
All that is missing is the desire and a few IndieWeb plugins.
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