๐Ÿ’ฌ Weeknote 33/2020

Replied to Weeknote 33/2020 by Doug Belshaw (dougbelshaw.com)

There are many people who donโ€™t get what I do, or why I do it. Sometimes I donโ€™t really understand either. What I donโ€™t need to spend time doing is wasting my life interacting with random bad faith actors โ€” i.e. the โ€˜dogsโ€™ barking at things they donโ€™t understand.

Glad to hear that things are on the up Doug.

It is interesting working in project which has the intent of making my work obsolete, that is creating resources and building the capacity of others so that I am not depended upon so much. The challenge I am finding is that you can make something ‘reproducible’ however if the person in question does not actually want to reproduce it and follow your recipe then you are in trouble.

On ‘Doug-shaped’ things, I have recently been engaging with a few things from cricketer, Justin Langer. He talks about continually recentring around what matters. It kind of left me wondering, to borrow your point, what is ‘Aaron-shaped’? I do stuff, but I am not always sure what shape it really is.

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  1. Thanks for the response and citing Langer. I think that kind of approach, being values-focused and letting that guide your way, is important.
    Otherwise, what are we doing? Simply becoming ever bigger cogs in a machine that somebody else has designed and built.
    That’s particularly true of our performances on social networks. When they straightjacket us, it’s time to cut loose.

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