๐Ÿ’ฌ Weeknote 14/2020

Replied to Weeknote 14/2020 (Open Educational Thinkering)

Although Iโ€™ve got enough done, I havenโ€™t felt so productive this week. I think thatโ€™s because Iโ€™ve had to slow my brain down to stop it racing ahead and thinking of possible futures in which everything Iโ€™m currently doing fades into insignificance.

Iโ€™m taking a lot of solace in long walks with my family, in nursing a single malt and talking to my wife, and in hanging out with my parents on video chat. I even, with the help of our children, painted the garden fence this morning!

I am guessing no alcohol for Lent has long gone Doug?

I really like your point about turning to comedy or tragedy:

The rationale behind this is that, I think that in times of crisis itโ€™s better to go for either end of the spectrum. Either comedy and light-hearted stuff to raise my spirits, or tragedy and dark content to make me realise that things arenโ€™t really so bad after all.

I have been left thinking about some of the stories that Cory Doctorow has been sharing. Trying to find some hope in the tragedy.

This is how Virginia Trioli tried to make sense of things in her newsletter:

But every now and again the mists are clearing. When the household settles into a rhythm of energetic morning work and then quiet family reading; when the daily cycle around the park becomes the highlight of the day.

Not sure what the Stoicism says about hope.

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  1. Hi Aaron, I’ve actually switched to no refined sugar and no alcohol during the week (and I’m defining ‘the weekend’ as Friday night to Sunday night). I might actually keep it up post-Easter as it’s not too uch trouble, and means I won’t come out of all this a fat alcoholic!

    1. Inspired by yourself Doug I have managed to go no alcohol for Lent and chocolate from the block. I have been glad not because of the fear of the ‘fat’ or ‘alcoholic’, but so that I am calm and patient in such tense times. Stay safe. Aaron

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