๐Ÿ’ฌ Weeding My Social Networks

Replied to Detritus and Debris: Weeding My Social Networks (dogtrax.edublogs.org)
My criteria was: does I recognize this name, even remotely? Do I ever see or notice this person in my timeline? If not, the likely result was an unfollow. I havenโ€™t yet made it to the bottom of my follower list, so more are likely to go.
Thank you Kevin for providing the impetus to weed my account. There is so much written about leaving Twitter and although I am not at that point, I have been feeling somewhat indifferent about it of late, so it was good to stop and reflect.

For so long I followed any educator who followed me. It just seemed right. But I have noted the consequence within spaces like Nuzzel. Although I have used lists in the past, but with my tendency to use Twitter on my phone, this can be tedious.

I went through and removed two thirds of follows. I basically kept those who I have had some conversation and connection with. I am not sure what difference this might make to how I use Twitter, especially with my dive into the #Indieweb. Time will tell.

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  1. @mrkrndvs I’m curious if you manually cut & paste your replies for others’ sites (who may not support webmention or even pingback/trackback) into their old-school comments sections?
    I often worry that without that, or without replying to versions on Twitter if they syndicated, they won’t see my response via pingback/trackback or other means. Instead my reply sits all alone on my site and they don’t have the benefit of seeing it at all unless they come across it organically otherwise.
    Generally when I manually cut and paste replies, I’ll often use the comment’s “website” field to include the permalink for my comment and then I’ll take the permalink for my comment and add it to my syndication links since I’ve manually syndicated it.
    Sometimes I notice that including multiple links in a reply can also run afoul of spam filters.
    One of my favorite set of machinations occurred recently when I wrote this reply to Jon Udell: http://boffosocko.com/2018/01/07/reply-to-annotating-web-audio-by-jon-udell/
    Jon came back to his original post and appended his own comment to document my comment in the most circuitous of manners which included using his annotation tool Hypothes.is: https://blog.jonudell.net/2018/01/06/annotating-web-audio/#comment-474656
    Interestingly we both used WordPress, Hypothes.is, and Twitter to carry on the conversation. I was quite impressed that he took the time to circle back around and document my end of the conversation since he must have missed my pingback (he doesn’t have webmentions) and my manual cut & paste, but did manage to see the notification on Twitter.
    It all just goes to show that you’ve got to keep your eye on the tech that you and everyone else is using until it’s broadly and evenly distributed. One day perhaps…

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    1. Thank you Chris for the reply. Ironically, it went to my spam folder so I am very much aware of your concern. I must admit that I am still tinkering with my workflow when posting to this site. I have started including more in the syndicated tweet using SNAP, especially for likes and tweets, but wonder if a better method is to post the reply, then create the tweet in Twitter manually and paste into the syndication box.

      Dreaming of a better web, one post at a time.

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