๐Ÿ’ฌ We need a new word: Memidemic

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When something positive goes memidemic, it is spreading, and we want it to spread. We want to share the joy of it spreading. We want to see it shared, re-shared, and enjoyed. The word โ€˜viralโ€™ doesnโ€™t suggest that.

Your discussion of ‘memidemic’ reminds me of a post from a few years ago documenting the spread of ideas. Cory Doctorow uses the metaphor of dandelions.

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  1. I always appreciate the links you share Aaron! I admire your ability to make connections to related ideas and to find the connections to share them. I like the dandelion metaphor, and I totally see how you went there based on the post. What I’m struggling with, and why I want a new word, is that our language doesn’t allow us to talk of this spreading of ‘idea seeds’ in any positive way. Even dandelion spread is considered by most to be the spread of an unwanted weed. Where is the language for positive spreading of ideas. If not ‘memidemic’ then what?

    1. I like your point about the dandelion being seen as a weed. I wonder if this is a part of the reality when it comes to ideas though? I agree that the ideas/moments shared by Greta Thunberg and Jacinda Ardern are positive, but surely not every idea is like this?

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