๐Ÿ’ฌ A communicable patch of legibility in an ungoverned thought space

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We live in a world of extremes, and often the middle of things gets hollowed-out leaving just both ends of the spectrum. In the online space, that feels like podcasts and newsletters at the long-form end, and Instagram and Twitter at the short-form end. What does that mean for blogging? Well, Iโ€™m not particularly bothered about business models, about huge audiences, and about โ€˜trendsโ€™. Iโ€™m happy just getting my thoughts out there using whatever vehicle feels right for the purpose.
Can I clarify Doug, are you arguing that ‘blogging’ is long dead and it is time to move on? Just wondering.

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  1. I don’t think there’s an objective fact of the matter. I think for those of us who have been blogging a while have our networks and enjoy what we do. I’m not sure that starting an independently-hosted blog in 2019 is necessarily what I’d recommend everyone to do. Some people, not everyone.

    1. I think that any conversation that says “everyone must …” is problematic. In regards to hosting, I always come back to Mike Caulfield’s post about the problems of running your own server. I have not changed my stance from a few years ago, I would recommend anyone starting out to begin on Edublogs and move to their own domain if they so wish. One thing that I would warn people about though is a space like Medium where the ability to move is not necessarily clear. Still happy that I move to Reclaim and away from Blogger.

      1. Yeah, I think people only have so much attention to apply to things other than themselves. And having to be a sysadmin isn’t something I enjoy, and I’m geekier than most of the population!


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