🎧 Waleed Aly’s songs we should talk about (Take5)

Listened Waleed Aly’s songs we should talk about from ABC Radio

Waleed Aly is the smartest guy in the room. Whether hosting The Project, writing editorials for major newspapers, or completing his PhD, it feels there’s nothing he’s not good at, and the Australian public agrees; he won the Gold Logie in 2016. We’re used to seeing Waleed dissect and make sense of the news every day, but sometimes you get a glimpse into his musical heart and you can see that it beats so strong. When I finally got Waleed to Take 5 I gave him the theme “Songs We Should Talk About”, a play on the title of his wonderful segment from The Project. Unsurprisingly, Waleed put a lot of thought into his songs… He sent me three separate lists of five songs (not to be changed in any way, but all telling a different story). The one we went with gifted such a rich conversation. Waleed is someone who can completely dissect a song cerebrally but also show how his connection to it changes given the emotion, and the time he’s hearing it. This conversation is something else. From Lily Allen to Public Enemy to Pink Floyd, this will make you believe in the broad and beautiful power of song.

Lily Allen – ‘Smile’

Public Enemy – ‘911 Is a Joke’

Queen – ‘The March of the Black Queen’

Billy Joel – ‘Allentown’

Pink Floyd – ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’

Waleed Aly shares five songs we should talk about with Zan Rowe. Deep and eclectic as ever. I cannot believe how many projects he is a part of and had no idea of his musical roots associated with Robot Child.

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