๐Ÿ“‘ Unity

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On the face of it, more unity sounds good. It sounds like more collaboration. More cooperation.

But then I think of situations where complete unity isnโ€™t necessarily a good thing. Take political systems, for example. If you have hundreds of different political parties, thatโ€™s not ideal. But if you only have one political party, thatโ€™s very bad indeed!

Thereโ€™s a sweet spot somewhere in between where thereโ€™s a base of level of agreement and cooperation, but thereโ€™s also plenty of room for disagreement and opposition. Right now, the browser landscape is just about still in that sweet spot. Itโ€™s like a two-party system where one party has a crushing majority. Checks and balances exist, but theyโ€™re in peril.

Jeremy Keith reflects on the release of the new Edge browser built on top of Chromium.

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