🎧 Tony Visconti’s enduring relationships (Take5)

Listened Tony Visconti’s enduring relationships from ABC Radio

Tony Visconti is a living legend. For more than 50 years he’s been behind some of the most iconic albums of our time.

His career began with T Rex, and later on he’d record with everyone from The Dandy Warhols, to Iggy Pop, The Damned to Angelique Kidjo. But his most enduring relationship was with David Bowie. They met in the late 60’s, both of them finding their way through music and the sounds, and people, they wanted to be. Visconti would produce Bowie’s most loved work of the 70’s; Young Americans, The Berlin Trilogy, and then Scary Monsters before the two took a break. He’d come back into the fold to help craft Bowie’s last four records, including his final act Blackstar.

I had the chance to spend time with Tony in Hamburg, so of course I asked him to Take 5. From the moment we met, he was an open book. You’ll hear it in our chat too, there’s a humility and groundedness to all Tony says, and he brings you into a world that, even if you’re not musically literate, you feel you belong. From Bolan to Bowie and a lifetime in between, dive into the extraordinary mind of Tony Visconti.

T. Rex – ‘Ride A White Swan ‘

Esperanza Spalding – ‘Judas’

Angelique Kidjo, Carlos Santana & Josh Groban – ‘Pearls’

Kristeen Young & David Bowie – ‘Saviour’

David Bowie – ‘Heroes’

What was interesting was Visconti’s discussion of the relationships. Associated with this is the role of being a fan. Also, what ‘technically’ works may not be the best outcome.

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