📑 To ‘the teacher who but dares to purpose’

Bookmarked To ‘the teacher who but dares to purpose’ by Benjamin Doxtdator (Long View on Education)

The Textbook or a Problem to Solve
In 1920, Sister Domatilla published the results of her experiments with a new kind of pedagogy called ‘the project method’. Writing in The American Journal of Nursing, she explains her concern that “old methods of teaching” do not give students “a genu…

Benjamin Doxtdator takes a look at the history of project-based learning. He unpacks Fitzpatrick’s 1918 paper ‘The Project Method: The Use of the Purposeful Act in the Educative Process’ and wonders why other voices, such as Sister Domatilla and Booker T Washington, are often lost in the story over time. Doxtdator also provides a long list of alternative interpretations of ‘project’.

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