💬 Too Long; Didn’t Read #169

Replied to Too Long; Didn’t Read #169 by Ian O’Byrne (W. Ian O’Byrne)

The latest update to Pocket improves on its text-to-speech feature. This will allow the app to read your bookmarked pages to you. This is a great opportunity to save pages, and listen to them during your commute, or going for a walk. I’m definitely testing this out in my classes…and recommending it for students.

I am glad that Pocket has improved the text-to-speech feature. I found it frustrating when listening hands free and it would stop playing when it hit a post that was not downloaded. This seems to be resolved.

I have written about my workflow elsewhere, but find it useful when saving longer posts for later. Basically, I start with Inoreader. If the post is too long to read I save it. Definitely a useful tool for students to have in toolography.

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  1. Hey Aaron. Thanks for the feedback. I use Inoreader now after your guidance. I need to put up another post about my workflow and how I process things.
    I don’t think Pocket will work for me. I played with it again over the weekend…and I hate the ads they interject. But, I think it would be a good fit for students to test out and use.

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